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 Spex & Lipstick

I used to be a freelance makeup artist and still am, but since juggling my dental nurse studying (which I've now finished and am qualified) and working as  PA, I had to slow down on shoots as there weren't enough hours in the week to do everything. I created Spex & Lipstick so that even though I wasn't actively working in the makeup world much, I still wanted to keep my hand in as makeup and beauty are massive passions of mine.

I also plucked up the courage to create a YouTube channel which was I really enjoy and hope that my passion and personality come across to my viewers.

 My work covers all areas of the industry (fashion, theatre, film, special effects). I worked with Oscar winning makeup artist Jenny Shircore on the Stephen Poliakoff feature film ‘Glorious 39′, starring Bill Nighy and Eddie Redmayne- he came and introduced himself to me and found out my name before hand- this will forever be my dinner party story!!) .

 Editorial work includes FIASCO, GT Magazine and M is For as well as commissioned work for DeWynters and John Frieda.

Most recent work has been for the UK Tour of The Full Monty.

I was interviewed for Go Think Big on how to become a makeup artist. You can check it out here:

Here's a bit more about me:

My full name is Amii-Rose Steward
I was born on 24th April 1988
My star sign is Taurus
I currently work as a Dental Nurse 
I adore the theatre and have seen Avenue Q 14 times
I've also seen McFly 15 times!
My favorite meal is...not a really a meal but pasta and gravy gets me every time
I am a very organized and tidy person (the family say verging on OCD!)
The people that support me the most are my family and my amazing boyfriend Andrew. I don't know where I'd be without them
I have an irrational fear of turtles, tortoises, terrapins (you get the shell vibe!) and Frogs
My greatest inspiration are my parents
I'm a self-confessed Popaholic!

I post twice a week - on a Wednesday and Sunday and sometimes you'll see bonus posts pop up too.



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