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When I first saw these MAC Liptensify lippies appear on Instagram- they caught my eye straight away. There are 24 shades in the collection with 6 of them being limited edition. I'll definitely be popping to my nearest MAC counter to give them a swatch. They look to be more like the Amplified MAC formula than any of their ones. Here is a little bit more  info about them:

"A brilliant formula that pushes the boundaries of colour. It was created in collaboration with a tetrachromat, someone with the genetic ability to see 100 million hues imperceptible to the average naked eye. Using our groundbreaking High-Frequency Tetrachromatic Pigments technology, each Lipstick holds more pigment than traditional formulas, resulting in an unprecedented spectrum of extreme colour intensity, clarity and vibrancy. This luxurious gelled base melts on contact, providing fully saturated colour with a satin finish in one stroke."

They also have an 8 hour wear time claim so that will be interesting to try out.

Ambrosial, Blue Beat, Burnt Violet, Claretcast, Cordovan, Dionysus
  • Ambrosial - Bright Plum Pink
  • Blue Beat - Deep Dark Blue
  • Burnt Violet - Dark Plum
  • Claret cast - Mid-tone Magenta
  • Cordovan - Deep Rose Red
  • Dionysus - Deep Plum
Doe, Double Fudge, Driftwood, Eros, Fireworks, Galaxy Grey
  • Doe - Creamy Neutral Brown
  • Double Fudge - Intense Dark Brown
  • Driftwood - Soft Lilac Beige
  • Eros - Warm Hot Pink
  • Fireworks - Vivid, Bright Red
  • Galaxy Grey - Light Blueish Grey

Gumball, Habenero, Hellebore, Life’s Blood, Lobster, Marsala

  • Gumball - Creamy Blush Pink
  • Habenero - Vibrant Orange-Red
  • Hellebore - Vibrant Midtone Purple
  • Life's Blood - Bright Berry Red
  • Lobster - Burnt Orange
  • Marsala - Deep Magenta Pink (looks more brown to me!)
Medium Rare, Mulling Spices, Postmodern, Smoked Almond, Stallion, Toast and Butter

  • Medium Rare - Creamy Soft Pink
  • Mulling Spices - Burgundy Brown-Red
  • Postmodern - Amped Coral Pink
  • Smoked Almond - Bright Rose-Brown
  • Stallion - Deep Black
  • Toast and Butter - Peachy Cinnamon

What do you think of the new Liptensify lipsticks. Which one tickles your fancy? I personally think Abrosial and Smoked Almond are my fave shades from the collection.

They're available now in the US and will be available from 29th September in the UK and online.

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