New On The Scene: Pure Clay Masks L'Oreal

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If you're new to these parts then you won't know- but I LOVE a mask! I've been using sheet masks for a while now and when I saw L'Oreal's new clay masks, I thought that I'd switch things up a bit. 

There are 3 brand spanking new masks and they are designed for multi-masking. Multi-masking is pretty self explanatory really- you apply the specific mask to the area in which you wish to target- e.g.  Purity mask to an oily forehead and Detox mask to the nose. 

At all stands, there is this handy little card to help you choose the right mask for you. The little grey pop out ovals are designed to place on your t-zone, cheek or chin - then after 3 seconds, take it off and match it against the ovals on the left. This is super handy if you have no clue at all when it comes to masks. 

The three masks available are:

Purity - Works deep into the pores to purify and mattify the skin. It contains eucalyptus extract known for it's purifying properties.

Detox - Acts like a magnet to draw out impurities to clarify the skin.

Glow - Exfoliates the skin surface to reveal an illuminating glow. Enriched with Red Algae for it's brightening properties and finely milled apricot kernel to exfoliate the skin gently.

Glow Face Mask

Detox Face Mask

The scents are not at all overpowering and they feel really lovely to apply and very easy to remove. The jars themselves are very heavy being made of glass and really do feel much more luxurious than their £5.00 price tag. 

Have you tried these masks yet? If so, what are your thoughts?

Available now from HERE for £5.00

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