Lancôme Juicy Shaker - Berry In Love

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Ever since I laid my eyes on these back in February before their release, I just knew I wanted in.

I don't own anything from Lancôme and the reason is because i've always found it aimed at an older demographic- that's the only reason. So, i've always felt that there was nothing there for me. These beauties have definitely changed my opinion and I hope that they continue to release more youthful looking products. 

The Juicy Shaker have a biphase formula that depending on how much you shake it- gives you either a sheer coverage or a more opaque finish to your lips. I think this is perfect because as they're build able you can go as bold as you like and have a little subtle daytime tint. They're jam packed with lots of nourishing oils (Peach Seed Oil, Sweet Almond oil, Cranberry Oil, Omega 3 and 6, Muscat Rose Oil). There are 20 shades available so you'll have no trouble in finding one that's right for you. EACH scent is named differently and the scent is included in the name (Freedom of Peach, Mint to Be and Cherry Symphony etc)

The packaging seems so cute and teeny and I LOVE it. The applicator looks more like an eyeshadow one than a lip one with it's conical shaped nib. I've not seen anything like this before and it'll revolutionise lip product development. Hopefully there may be a high street version that will filter down eventually. Lancôme is part of L'Oreal so that's where they'll probably develop something more affordable. I opted for Berry In Love, a gorgeous deep purple/pink that has blue iridescent sparkles in that make your teeth appear whiter. 

After no shaking of the Juicy Shaker

After shaking the Juicy Shaker

They don't have the best lasting power by any means, being an oil they really do nourish your lips but  also needs constant application. This doesn't really bother me at all because it smells so freaking awesome and is easily applied without a mirror so it's no big deal.

Have you tried these yet? If so, which shade did you go for?

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1 comment

  1. I've seen so many reviews on these, definitely need to jump on the bandwagon and try one out!

    Emily xo



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