Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Collection + GIVEAWAY

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So the end of May saw Zoella release her third range for Zoella Beauty and I thought I would pick up a couple of pieces. I have reviewed both the original and tutti fruity fizz bars so it only seemed right to pick up Le Fizz from the latest collection. I also tend to have a thing for bubble bath so picked up the Bath Latte which is shaped like a milk bottle- cap and gold foil included!

There is definitely a 20's inspired Art Deco feel going on with the packaging which I do really like and it definitely makes it feel more luxurious- the paper the Le Fizz is wrapped in is thick and of high quality and it is like undoing a Willy Wonka chocolate bar. This time around I think that they have it spot on with with amount and size of squares too. You can be as frugal or lavish as you want as the cubes are quite small. As I am a bubble bath fan, I tend to plop a couple of cubes in to soften the water and then top up with the Bath Latte.

The whole collection is scented like macarons and is very sweet but with quite a depth to it so it's not sugar sweet. I pleasantly surprised myself at how lovely the scent was. Le Fizz is £6.00 and available now from Feel Unique and Superdrug.

The other product I opted for was the Bath Latte. This also goes along with the macaron themed scent containing sweet almond, cacao and honey and will leave your skin feeling lovely and soft. This is shaped like a milk bottle too and even has the old fashioned foil lid and gold screw on cap. A little goes a long way with this too and creates a mountain of bubbles. This can also be used as a shower gel too and doesn't contain any sparkle. The consistency is quite thick and gloopy but this doesn't really bother me that much- you just have to squeeze the bottle to get it out as opposed to it just flowing out easily.

The Bath Latte costs £6.00 and is available from Feel Unique and Superdrug as well.

As a treat I thought I would do a little giveaway and you can win a Le Fizz bath fizzed bar. Just enter in the Rafflecopter form below. GOOD LUCK!

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