You Sexy Thing: L'Oreal Sexy Balm

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I tried to resist these, I really did. but it just couldn't be helped. These sexy balms are available in Sheer (5 Shades) and Bold (3 shades) and are the latest offering from L'Oreal. I swatched them in Boots and opted for a sheer nude and a bold pink (so predictable aren't I?!). These balms state to give you 12 hours of moisture, with the moisturising gel balm giving a weightless velvety texture making them really comfortable to wear and providing a long lasting colour too.

The pin shade 'Adventure' wore amazingly well on my lips, and after about 7 hours it started to fade evenly leaving a nice just bitten tint. The nude didn't last as long but for me I think it's the perfect nude (As If), it's beautiful and doesn't settle in the lines on the lips either. This is the perfect every day nude.

The scent is a kind of sweet berry one and the packaging is quite sleek with the black casing and the lids being the same colour of the lip colour. The subtle shades have a tinted lid and the bold shades have a metallic finish to the lid to distinguish between the two.

As If

Adventure (just how amazing is that shade?!)

These have definitely exceeded my expectations in all aspects and they're so affordable at only £4.99 each. Which shade do you prefer?
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