My Little Dolce Vita Box

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This month sees the MLB going with a Dolce Vita box- all based on Italian glamour. Dolce Vita translates as Sweet Life and the colour theme on this palette seems to have gelato written all over it with the peaches, greens and pastels. MLB released a Dolce Vita box way back in early 2014 but I never used to subscribe to them back then, so I couldn't tell you what was in it. 

This months focus more on getting ready for summer and getting the glamourous glow. There are also a couple of accessories thrown in that are actually ones I would wear (this doesn't happen often!).

So let's get down to the nitty gritty and what is in the box. As usual, there is the little magazine that comes in every box (so pleased they reverted back to the old magazine and scrapped the pullout poster one).

- First up we have a little vial of the orange blossom perfume- this is great as it's small, compact and has a spray top rather than a little dabber. It's a lovely, fresh scent that is perfect for the Summer.

- Baija Jasmine Body Oil- This is a lovely oil with a nice subtle scent but I doubt I would ge much wear out of it because i'm just not really into them at all.

- MLB BB Suncream- This is a tinted BB cream for the legs to give you nice glow. I haven't used this yet but I will give it a go because my pins are pasty!

- Turqouise headband- This is a really pretty headband, and for the purposes of the photo, I've worn it like this but I'm more likely to wear it as a big scrunchie. I can't rally carry off this look very well haha.

- Leaf ring- This is a really pretty gold leaf adjustable ring that I would actually wear for definite. It came in the cutest little box too.

What are you thoughts on this month's MLB box?

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