L'Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation

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I have reviewed a few L'Oreal foundations on the blog in my time but I may go as far as to say that this is my favourite. As far as I'm aware us Westerner's are lagging way behind in terms on makeup innovation and the Far East seem to get it spot on every time. Korea were the first country to develop the cushion foundation and now L'Oreal have developed their own- the Nude Magique Cushion.

In a nutshell, it's a thick piece of sponge that is soaked in liquid foundation and when tapped into the skin with the applicator, gives a wonderfully flawless finish. It has an added SPF25 and provides you with a sheer but buildable coverage and are available in 7 shades.

Firstly, I do really like the lilac purple finish with the metallic looking lid- I think this is a new look the L'Oreal are going for because I have noticed that they have re-packaged their CC Creams and Blur Cream to match this purple finish, I do think this particular shade is nice and chic, not too cheap and girly looking. The mirror inside is also pretty decent which is a bonus so you don't have to take a separate one with you on the go. Despite not being the smallest compact, it is super light which definitely works in it's favour.  There is also no scent to the product which is even better and the lid that the sponge sits on clicks shut over the sponge as well as the normal lid closure, so it won't dry out very easily.

Although I love the foundation, the the applicator itself it pretty much useless. It's quite a flat, dense pad and it designed to be used to apply the foundation in a tapping motion. I tried this once but it was so much of a faff, it took bloody ages to do my whole face. You can lightly tap for sheer coverage or tap more in places where you want the coverage built up. I found that by using this technique, the product just sat on the skin as there wasn't enough ooommmphh in the pad to buff it into the skin. I opted to use my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and the finish was SO much better, it didn't feel like I was wearing a mask. 

So this is the finished look with the Nude Magique Cushion. I really love the finish and will definitely be using this a lot in the Summer. My only issues? It only comes in 7 shades which really limits you if you're on the super pale toned skin or really very dark skin toned ends of the spectrum. Also, you get 14.6g of product in this compared to 30g in the L'Oreal True Match Foundation. So you're paying the same price but for more than 50% LESS products- now that's a swizz!. The introductory price of this is £9.99 and it will go up for £14.99 whilst all other foundations will stay at £9.99- so this is even more of a kick in the teeth.  You're paying a fiver MORE for half of the product. 

Whilst this is a great foundation, it does annoy me that you only get half of the actual product. I know some people would say "Oh well, that's the innovation, the packaging etc for you" but you only USE the product you don't apply the packaging to your face. *Sorry for the mini rant* 

For this reason, I would purchase it again and I'd stick to my trusty liquid foundation.

What are your thoughts on the L'Oreal Magique Cushion Foundation? 

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