The perfect Easter treat if you don't want Chocolate!

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Now that I have finally moved out, I still get some post sent there and to my surprise this treat arrived for me the other day. Flamingo Candles sent me their new Easter candle- Bunny Kisses* . Last year they surprised with the Love Bug Valentine's Day candle which I reviewed here. This year's Bunny Kisses candle combines tangy rhubarb with creamy caramel vanilla custard. On it's initial sniff- I thought it would be overpowering as it such a hit of scent. However, on burning- it gives the room a much more subtle hint and the sharpness of the rhubarb cuts through the sweetness of the vanilla so it's not overly sweet and heady.

As you can see from the pictures it burns really evenly and I've had it lit every night since I got it last week. The burn time on these is around 50 whopping hours so you really do get your money's worth. I've bought Flamingo Candles before and their Melted Crowd boxes are amazing value for money too. They also have some fantastic and different scents so there is something for everyone.

As someone that has just started Slimming World- I'm glad that I received this and not chocolate!!!

You can buy Bunny Kisses now for £12.00 HERE.

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