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So Easter is pretty much over but there are still some of Lush's Easter collection available online, along with some other gorgeous bits from their Spring collection and Mother's Day collection (I have seen a few bits still available in stores even now). The store I visited on this occasion was the Oxford St store and I spent WAY more than I had anticipated. Also a quick shout out to the awesome staff there and in particular Maxim who was fab.

First up is the Ladybird bubble bar- This is SO cute and I didn't even smell it before putting it in my basket it was just so cute that I simply couldn't resist. There are hints of peppermint and geranium but it is also quite sweet. I haven't used it yet but I imagine that my bath would go more purple than red - may even a little murkey as both colours are so strong. As far as size goes, for a bubble bar it is quite small but you could get two baths out of it at a squeeze.

The Fluffy egg bath bomb is a super sweet bath bomb that puts me in the mind of the mmelting marshmallow moment as it is very sweet. Vanilla cotton candy is the main scent of this and it'll turn your bath a gorgeous shade of pink. // £2.95 each. Sold out online but still available in stores.

As soon as I saw the Bunch of Carrots bubble bars I just knew I had to get them. You get three in the set, and each one would easily last you three if not four baths. My only problem with these kind of bubble bars is that they are so hard, they can't be crumbled. I find that these can get quite messy around the tub if not kept in a bag or something- and they have been known to stain the bath. I did manage to break a piece off but it wouldn't dissolve properly. However there were masses of bubbles and the colour was gorgeous. The scent is lemon and grapefruit- so perfect for a refreshing bath. // £6.25. Sold out online but available in store.

Flowering Tea is a reusable bubble bar that when you get to the centre, blue cornflower petals will fill your bath. This was part of the Mother's Day collection, but I got it after the day. Rosewood, neroli and orange flower make for a gorgeously relaxing bath and because of the string and it's colour you can hang it over the tap and leave it there to dry after your bath and it won't stain it. // £4.95

The Sunflower bubble bar is nothing short of bloody huge and you could easily get 4 baths from it. This Sicilian lemon scented bubble bar with actual sunflower petals creates a refreshing bath to relax into. My only issue is that its bound to turn your bath water the colour of pee! // £4.95

Down The Rabbit Hole Bubble bar is the colour of the mmmelting marshmallow bath melt. This is exclusive to the Lush Oxford Street store and has a shimmering lustre finish. The bubble bar looks really bright and vivid but it doesn't smell as strong as you would think. It has undertone of lemon and also a hint of raspberry somewhere in there. Its perfect a subtle relaxing bath that won't knock you out with an overwhelming scent. // £3.95 

The Spring Bunny bath bomb is a super cute and diddy rabbit that has an overwhelming scent of lemon. It's also infused with shea butter so will leave your skin beyond super soft. Sometimes scents can be overcomplicated but sometimes simple is simply the best. // £3.50

Tweet bubble bar is mandarin and tangerine scented so sweet and sharp at the same time. This diddy little dude has chocolate button eyes and is exclusive to the Oxford St store. // £3.45

Flutterby Bubble Bar is a very pretty looking and large bubble bar with the scent of strawberries and cream- both fruity and creamy this is a very luxurious bubble bar. Even though this is a beautiful bubble bar, it was for Mother's Day so it'd be a shame if it was fully discontinued as it is a great product. // £4.95

Last but not least is the Bouncy Bunny shower jelly. I find any kind of shower jelly a novelty and in the summer I place mine in the fridge so they're really cooling on a hot day. This particular buy in questions is scented with brazilian orange oil and I was informed by Maxim who served me- that it also contains Alfalfa which is what rabbits eat. It's also what Lenny refers to in Of Mice and Men- he wants to grow it and tend the rabbits. Alfalfa is also the name of the main guy in Little Rascals (tedious link much?!). When I use these I pull a bit off and use it but I think you're meant to use the whole thing and then put it back in the pot. // £3.95. 

As you can see the Mothers Day/Spring/Easter collections were mostly very citrus based so if you're not so much a fan of this, then maybe the Summer collection will be more fruity and sweet.

All in all, I loved all of my purchases and my experience in the Lush Oxford St store was great. Even though there are ALOT of staff and you constantly get people asking if you need help or if you're ok. At the end of the day 1) It's their job and 2) If you politely decline you're not followed around the shop like other stores you go into. You're never pressured into buying anything because everything they sell is so different and they don't expect you to go away with something you don't want.

Long Live LUSH. 

Have you tried any of these collections and what were your faves?

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