HOT OFF THE PRESS AND AVAILABLE NOW : L'Oreal Infallible Matte Max Lip Pen

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It seems like 2016 is going to be the year of the lip with these new additions from L'Oreal. I am pretty intrigued about them and can't wait to give them a go. These are the Infallible Matte Max Lip Pens. Available in 6 shades which are more on the pink side of things with the exception of the purple and the orange so they may not be to everyones taste but they are mine!

I'm really interested in how these work and apparently the product is in the lid and then you apply with the sponge tip to provide accuracy in getting the ombre effect. I hope that the product won't dry out quickly because of it being in the lid. Also, those kind of products tend to not have much actual product in so I hope they're not going to swizz us! Sponge applicators kind of weird me out (don't ask!) but if they're really soft then I don't think it will be much of an issue. I have read online that the formula is similar to a eyeshadow pen and the formula isn't liquid or gel like you would expect so that is another thing I want to find out- will it be more like a cream to powder? Who knows. They also are supposed to have an 8 hour wear.

These are the way's L'Oreal recommend you to use the product to get the desired effect:

"1. Press the sponge applicator into the lid which holds the matte colour.

2. For the Ombre look:
Create the appearance of fuller lips in an instant, using two tones to highlight and give depth.
Apply your favourite shade to the outer edges of your lip and blend gradually into the centre, creating a gradient from dark to light. Leave the inner cushion of your lips lighter or bare to reflect where the light would naturally hit for a true ombre effect.

3. For the Two-Tone Ombre look:
Mix two contrasting colours together with the darkest shade on the outer lip and the lighter shade on the inner lip for the ultimate on-trend look.

4. For the Bold Matte look:
Apply evenly across the lip, using the precision tip to highlight the lip contours for a perfectly sculpted pout."

What are your thoughts? Will you be giving these a go? You can join the waitlist now at Boots for first dibs on the release HERE .I'm not sure on an exact price but I would imagine around the £9.99 mark with it then being on 3 for 2 offers.

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