Real Techniques Cleansing Brush Palette and Cleansing Gel

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When that I saw Sam and Nic (aka Pixiwoo) were releasing some pretty awesome new additions to the Real Techniques line, this immediately caught my eye. I had heard it was due for release early February but I got mine a couple of weeks back so I'm think they were out on the shelves before they should have been. Good me as I'm pretty impatient when it comes to waiting for launches to hit shelves.

I do quite enjoy cleaning brushes (I know full well I'm in a minority there) but anything that will make it a little less laborious is fine with me. This little gem is designed to clean your different types of brushes and give them a good ol' deep clean. I usually swirl around the brush in the palm of my hand, but with this, the raised points get between the bristles more aiding a better clean. There are 3 different sections with the small nibs for smaller brushes, middle side ones for brushes such as foundation, blush and then larger nobbles for big brushes like your bronzer, powder and large blusher brushes.

You should place a blob of the cleansing gel on the palette, add warm water and then swirl your brush around and watch the dirt wash away. Usually when I clean brushes my hand and fingers all go wrinkly and waterlogged (not a good look) but with this the raised edges catch the water and this doesn't happen. 

The high grade silicone palette is easily wiped clean and I leave it on the radiator to full dry out before putting it away. It small and compact but does do a fantastic job. Be sure not to get water into the ferrule (the metal band where the bristle are fixed into brush) and it can dissolve the glue and your bristles will fall out over time and we don't want that!)

It also comes with a couple of sachets of the cleansing gel for you to try out. 

Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel -  This is gorgeously scented fruity cleansing gel and such a joy of a product to use. The gel is really thick and a little goes a long way with this too. Also, there are really concentrated bubbles on use and they are removed really easily- sometimes with brush cleaners the suds take forever to get out- but not with this at all. It's a great quality and really affordable cleanser.

 Before - Dirty brushes


After... Squeaky clean brushes.

Will you be investing in the cleansing palette or gel?

You can buy the cleansing gel now HERE for £6.31 and the cleansing palette costs £10.51 HERE . I would definitely recommend buying from the Real Techniques website as the prices are cheaper than the UK for the same products and you don't get whacked with import charges etc. I've used them before and definitely would again.

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