My Little Wish Box - January Edition

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I was so pleased to receive this months box after last months Magic box was so freaking awesome. I feel that in the latter part of last year MLB had a bit of a lull and my excitement dwindled so December once again exceeded my expectations.

My Little Wish Box is all about a new year, new start and shaking things up. I'm once again pleased that the magazine is now once again an actual magazine rather than a fold up poster like it had been last year. I just think the magazine looks more aesthetically pleasing and much better quality and it will continue to transform each and every month, so that's exciting.

First up in this months box is this 2016 diary. I absolutely love the mint green shade and it looks all fresh for the new year along with the rose gold text. This is definitely a diary that I would actually buy and wouldn't look out of place on a shelf in Paperchase. // £10.00

MLB is always creating cute little presents for friends and really cute and crafty ideas. This set of bracelets features one for yourself, along with 4 other other little bracelets with messages on them that you can send friends if they need cheering up etc. It's a super sweet idea but I think some of my friends would find it a bit odd. // £6.00

Next up is a deluxe sample of the Too Faced Melted Fuchsia liquid lipstick. I did a full review here as bought the same shade when it first came out but I'm still over the moon to have a smaller version for my handbag as it's a product that I absolutely adore. See my full review HERE // £19.00 for full size

Make A Wish Lip Balm- MLB like to include 1 beauty product each month from their own range. I really like this idea and have had some great products in the past- their mascara is bloody awesome. This month it's a super cute lip balm that is perfect for this wintery weather. It has hint of vanilla, very much like the MAC lipsticks and it's not at all overpowering. The packaging is really cute too. This will definitely be going in my coat pocket so it's always to hand. // £7.00

Lastly, we have the REN 3 in 1 Rosa Centifolia water which I have seen lots of bloggers rave about in the past. Soothing rose oils and protective polyphenols (micronutrients) means this cleanser, toner and complexion refresher will leave you feeling revived. // £13.00 for full size 

Have received your MLB yet? What do you think?

You can order a box now from HERE for £14.95 a month including P&P

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