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When I was in New York recently I went to Sephora and in the aisle of doom this jumped out at me (the aisle of doom is where you queue up and there are products screaming to be bought that you really don't need!). I'd seen a lot of hype online surrounding the Makeup Eraser and wanted to see for myself if it was worth it.

Here are its very bold claims: 

  •  Remove 100% of ­makeup with ju­st water
  •  Waterproof mascara removed in seconds
  •  All natural - No chemicals
  •  Machine washable - comes out stain free
  •  Soft and promotes healthy skin
  •  Re useable - will last 100's of washes
  •  Saves time and money
  •  Gently exfoliates and cleanses pores
The eraser is made from specially knitted polyester/ silk fibre that when wet it hydro-mechanically breaks down the surface oils in the makeup. The shorter side is for the makeup removal and the longer side is to help exfoliate the skin too. 

I found that it doesn't remove 100% of makeup as you'll see from the picture of the muslin cloth which is when I cleansed with a cleansing oil after the initial use of the makeup eraser.

Don't get me wrong, it removes maybe 80% of makeup but I wouldn't rely on this on it's own and not follow with another deeper cleanse. It is an odd sensation because there is no product to lather up so it does feel strange, but it is a super soft cloth but you have to make sure that you keep wetting the cloth so that it doesn't drag on the skin.

Before- Full face of makeup (sorry for the miserable face!)

After first use

After using the Makeup Eraser and no other products.

After using cleansing oil and muslin cloth - the residue left that the makeup eraser didn't manage to remove.

Only traces were left but it doesn't remove 100% of makeup as it claims. I used my Sephora Outrageous Curl Mascara which is pretty difficult to remove even though it's not waterproof and it removed most of it but not quite everything.

Don't get me wrong, its a great product but it won't replace my normal cleansing routine and I won't replace any other products that I use. I'm more likely to use this instead of a muslin cloth as it holds the heat better.

Maybe if I use it more I'll get used to it and love it but at the moment it leaves me feeling a bit half hearted. It cost $20 too so not cheap. You may be better off just buying a nice flannel!

You can give it a try yourself for £16.99 + £2.51p&p from HERE

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1 comment

  1. Ahh it's a shame it doesn't work as well as expected! Great review though : ) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x



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