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So when I tweeted asking if you all would like to see Top 5 posts featuring fragrance, beauty and skincare etc, you seemed to love the idea. So, I'll kick things off with my Top 5 Winter Fragrances.

I am massively into perfumes and for me each one evokes a memory of some sort. As you'll see from my collection, i'm not into very floral or girly scents and more into musky, woody scents.

So let's jump into things...

Alien by Theirry Mugler - If ever a scent needed the label 'Less is More', then this would be it. One spray is all you need as it really is SO strong. In fact, I spray it into the air and then walk through it, so it's not too overpowering. Ambac jasmine, Cashmeran wood, white amber and the key notes in this. I also think the bottle is so luxurious. I bought the refillable version so when it runs out, take it to a Debenhams or House of Fraser and they can refill it for you for £27 I think, so you don't need to buy a whole new bottle. // £50.00 for 30ml EDP

Pure Poison by Christian Dior - This is one of the first high end fragrances that I bought and was instantly hooked by it's woody scent. I see it a very alluring and seductive fragrance (needless to say I do not look like a seductive goddess when wearing it- I can only dream!). The bottle has an opalescent finish which I love and it looks so pretty on your dressing table. It was developed by 3 perfumer's ( three noses, three souls) so was joint effort. Top Notes: Orange and Bergamot
Mid Notes: Orange Blossom, Gardenia, Base Notes: Cedar, Sandalwood. // £44.20 for 30ml EDP

Armani Code by Giorgio Armani - This reminds me of my college days, looking back now I only ever needed one spritz but managed to douse myself in the stuff. This is super sexy and sultry. Top notes are jasmine and orange. Heart notes are orange blossom and Base notes of honey, vanilla. I don't thinks particularly floral and as someone that isn't the biggest fan of orange blossom, I can't detect it in this really. // £49.09 for 75ml EDP

Classique by Jean Paul-Gaultier - This reminds me of my late teens, and this particularly bottle was one bought for me from family friends for my 21st birthday (6 years ago!) Such a sexy and feminine scent. The sandalwood definitely calms down the rose so it's not overpowering at all, and does the same for the rum and vanilla so it's not at all sickly. The bottle is also very sexy. I think this is just a sexy scent and if you wear it you'll probably be wanting a little suttin' suttin' *insert winky emoji face followed by speak no evil monkey emoji* Top note: Rum, rose. Heart: Vanilla orchid. Base: Sandalwood, tonka bean. // £45.75 for 50ml EDP

Last but by no means least is...

Escentric Molecule 01 - I got this bottle for my birthday (back in April) and ran out about 2 weeks ago. This is one of my all time faves. This is SO unique, when you first spray it on it smells quite woody and then after a few minutes you can't smell it on yourself, but I guarantee at least 5 people throughout the day will as you what you're wearing. I can't explain the effect it has on people- even if I've been in a shop someone has come up and said something to me. My mum also has the larger version of this and the same happens with it. My boyfriend LOVES this on me, and I've sprayed it on him too as it's a unisex scent and it makes him smell INCREDIBLE. I'll definitely be getting the larger one for Christmas as a treat to myself if my hints go un-noticed! It creates like this aura about you that people can't put their finger on. Molecule 01 is consists of one Iso E Super molecule - pure and singular. It will smell different on every single person that wears it. Something to do with bonding to the body's receptors (something far too high brow for me to understand). I buy the smaller refill bottle (which doesn't have a case) but if you want the case its and extra £11. // £38.00 for 30ml

What are you fave winter scents?

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