BLOGMAS DAY 3 - NAIR Nourish Japanese Cherry Blossom Wax Strips

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As Winter is already in full swing, and let's face it- it's a good excuse not to shave your legs and just live in jeans and tights until the Spring. I feel like waxing might be the answer to my prayers to stay fuzz- free without the bother the of shaving relentlessly. I don't think my boyfriend would appreciate legs so stubbly you could strike a match!

Don't get me wrong, if you're happier on the hairier side- go for it, but personally it's not my thang!

Nair have released Nourish Japanese Cherry Blossom 7 in 1 wax strips* . I have used Nair before  and found it really effective left my skin nice and soft. This wax is ready to use and doesn't even need warming in your palms before you use it- so it's super quick.

They're even perfect for those with sensitive skin due to the natural cherry blossom and rice bran oil extracts. There are 10 sheets in a pack, with 2 nourishing wipes in each box. The one annoying thing is that there are only 2 strips- and for someone that waxes their moustache (dark haired girl problems!) it's so frustrating as it's a total waste of a wipe. Why not include wipes for each strip?!

The facial wipes are so easy to use and not that painful really- I have a pretty high pain threshold so don't find it much of a problem at all. I think for legs though, I would get them done at a salon maybe because I do the count to three and rip off the strip- but I don't do it at 3, I just hestitate! In a salon environment, you're not doing it so don't know when they're going to pull!

The 7 benefits of these strips are:

1) Easy - No rub (with others you have to warm the wax by rubbing between your palms)
2) Effective - Removes short hairs, perfect for the face!
3) Smooth - For up to 4 weeks
4) Moisturises - Skin feels moisturised
5) Clean - No residue
6) Sensitive - Suitable for sensitive skin
7) Natural - Contains natural extracts of japanese cherry blossom and rice bran oil

These definitely get a fuzz-free thumbs up from me.

Available now from Boots. £6.89 for the Body Wax Strips and £5.98 for the Facial Wax Strips
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