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As a big fan of Pixi's Skin Tonic, when I heard that more skin treats were going to be launched I just had to get in on the act. I read a few reviews online before making my choices and i'm pretty damn chuffed with everything I opted for. 

I think the pricing is perfect and not at all too expensive for the brand - sometimes I find brands hoick up their prices even more when launching skincare which is unfair. The prices are in line with everything else Pixi sell so that's already a big tick from me.

H20 Skindrink - This contains aloe vera (heals and soothes), green tea (antioxidant and cell protector), rosemary (rejuvenates and stimulates), allantoin (protects and moisturises) and glycerin (traps moisture to skin). This is blue gel that is slightly scented and cooling on application. It's classed a pure hydration gel. // £24.00

Glow Mud Cleanser - A deep pore cleansing mud that contains 5% glycolic acid and exfoliates your skin from all the nasty dead skin cells and draws the impurities out. I love that it contains glycolic acid too- I hoping this will give a tingly feeling to the skin when applied. It also contains aloe vera to sooth. // £18.00

Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths - As an avid cleansing balm user, sometimes mascara smudges just don't budge and I'm not a fan of scrubbing my skin harshly- so I thought that these may come in handy to use when removing eye makeup or after cleansing to clean away the little bits left under the eyes so I don't wake up with panda eyes. It's infused with chamomile and grape seed to calm the skin too. // £10 for 40 cloths

Nourishing Sleep Mask - An overnight mask containing hyaluronic acid (lasting plumping effect), jojoba oil (moisturises and heals), macadamia seed oil (nutrient rich), arginine (strengthens skin), lavender oil (soothes and calms), lemon oil (brightens skin) and rose geranium oil (tones and balances). This is packed with gorgeous ingredients and smells gorgeous and subtle. I can imagine this being really lovely to massage in and really go to town when putting it on giving yourself a little face massage. Can't wait to get stuck in to this. // £18.00

What are your thoughts on the Pixi Skin Treats? Will you be trying any of the collection a go? 

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