BLOGMAS DAY 14: Dr Organic Snail Gel Facial Serum

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Now as someone who hates snails with a passion, I absolutely adore this serum. In fact I'm half way through my first bottle at the moment. It smells like Green Tea with Lemon, really fresh and citrusy. It's a runny serum so be careful when you use it because it comes out pretty quickly but absorbs into the skin super fast. Helix Aspersia Muller (snail gel) and aloe vera combine to make a soothing and hydrating serum. I definitely feel my skin is a lot smoother since using it and my skin drinks it up. I usually use with a tad of Hydraluron by Indeed Labs for an extra boost. 

I recommended this for a friend recently and so far she is loving it too. Once you get past the fact your a rubbing snail gunk into your mush- it is a lovely serum. I find it so relaxing that I do myself a mini face massage when I apply it as the scent is so relaxing just before bed. 

'Combining Snail Gel with Olive Leaf Extract, Levan and Jujube Seed Extract has created a soothing non greasy serum that penetrates deep into the epidermis, instantly hydrating the skin to help leave it feeling smoother, nourished and restored, revealing a more youthful glow.'

You can try it now for £17.99 and the whole range is currently buy one get one half price HERE.

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