BLOGMAS DAY 1- Get Ready to Pucker Up: Lypsyl

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As it's nearly the season to be puckering up under the mistletoe. You've got to get that kisser ready and what better way to do that than with Lypsyl balms. Even though the original formula is still available, so if you're not into sweet scents you can opt for this, they also have introduced Strawberry Polka-Dot and Cherry Blossom tinted balms to the range.

Lypsyl are super affordable and I'm one of those people that have either a Lypsyl or Chapstick in every coat pocket and bag. The tints are very subtle, as you will see below but it's nice to add just a little tint to the lips without going all out.
Cherry Blossom is definitely my fave- I can't resist anything cherry related.

Strawberry Polka-Dot

Cherry Blossom

As you can see, they are slightly different, with the cherry being a tiny bit deeper. Lypsyl contain vitamin e to keep your lips and supple, SPF 15 and aloe vera to soothe and moisturise. They also last well and don't just disappear after 5 minutes, they stick to the lip for quite and while.

Best part about them? They're only £1 each- yep, £1!!

I would say use a little bit of salt or sugar and olive oil to exfoliate your lips of any dead skin cells, then apply Lypsyl whilst you do the rest of your makeup- then apply your lippie and you're ready to stand under that mistletoe!

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