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As a big fan on French skincare, I couldn't wait to try the Vichy Idéalia Skin Sleep*. The idea is that it is capable of recreating the restorative effects of deep sleep. So, even if you don't get a lot of sleep- this make you look like you have!

For those with who struggle with any kind of sleep pattern or just want their skin bursting with moisture- this is your thang. The texture is like a gel-balm so it feels so luxurious when applied, and smells absolutely divine, I could actually just slather it on my face all day it smells good enough to eat. The packaging is very weighty and feels very luxe in it's glass jar, it also has a mirror on the top- so you can apply it using that if you wish.

Let's take a look at the Skin Sleep busting facts:

1) Contain Hyaluronic Acid which helps to stimulate cell regeneration, it also holds 100x times it weight in water giving you super plumped up skin.

2) Glycrryhizic Acid is a liquorice extract that has anti-inflammatory properties to help sooth skin.

3) LHA is derived from Salicylic Acid which helps to smooth rough skin and given a more even texture.

4) Caffiene accelerates skins microcirculation and helps to reduce the sign of fatigue in the skin. It's makes your skin appear rested.

5) Vitamin B3 reinforces the barrier function of the skin. This again contains anti inflammatory properties, paired with Apricot Kernal Oil which is rich in fatty acids, it helps to improve hydration and give skin an even appearance.

There are various proven tests which have been undertaken by people with lifestyles where sleep proves more difficult, such as new mums, nurses and cabin crew. A big 86% felt their skin feel more comfortable in general and 78% felt their skin appeared healthier and softer. Pretty big results right there!

Since I have been using it, I feel that my skin has definitely felt much much softer and smoother- I don't suffer with sleep issues very much but I do agree that the scent of jasmine and green tea is a really soothing one, so I get the most out of it by doing a mini massage on my face and savouring the scent, it's very relaxing.

Idéalia Skin Sleep is one in a range of 5 products that are perfect for those who have an unbalanced diet or exposed to factors such as pollution frequently and stress. Other products in the range include a Life Serum, Smoothing and Illuminating Day Cream, Eye Cream and BB Cream. It's suitable for all skin types, paraben free, hypoallergenic and made with Vichy thermal spa water.

You can grab it now at Boots for £26.50

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