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This month saw the arrival of My Little Creative Box of which I feel fell a bit flat this month if I'm honest with you. I think that my expectations are always so high with MLB due to the fabulous boxes that I have received in the past. 

First up are these Wire-wrap beads by MLB. I do like the idea of jazzing up your headphones or iPhone cables and the colours aren't too hairy so they look quite cute. They are however priced at £16!!!! Thats ridiculous- you could get the same effect by putting a slit into some Hama Beads and clicking those on instead.

Next up we have a hand cream and a body cream- I use neither so these will be heading on over to my mums beauty belongings! First is the Baija Tiare Flower body cream- the packaging is lovely and it smells divine- very much like a lush product but I can't put my finger on which one it is, maybe Candy Mountain. We also have Polåar Genuine Lapland hand cream to keep your hands nice and supple during winter months. It also contains 3 arctic berries, the scent is very subtle and it feels more like a balm that a moisturiser and doesn't leave a greasy residue. However lovely it is, I just don't like the feel of hand cream.

This is my favourite product in the box this month, and it's the MLB Midnight Creme- The scent is very fresh and subtle, it helps soothe and nourish skin with the shea butter and wheat proteins, cranberry oil and spirulina to give an oxygen boost. Can't wait to give this a go- maybe I'll wake up looking like a supermodel *pah*. 

There was also a nice tote bag included with the slogan "Collect moments not things" which is so lovely. With the ol' 5p per plastic bag rule coming it- this will be well used!

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