The Melt Crowd- October Edition

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This was my fourth The Melt Crowd box and if you're familiar around these here parts, then I won't waffle on and i'll get to the good stuff so here are the contents....

1) Golden Woodlands - This is a very Autumnal scent with lots of musk and woody undertones. It had a slight hint of something but I can't put my finger on it what it is. It's like a really nice smelling aftershave!

2) Applecurrant Crumble - This is very sweet and you can tell straight away apple and blackcurrant are featured with a slight hint of vanilla. Brown sugar, plum, raisin and lemon peel are also featured to give it a truly wintery warm and spicy feel.

3) Thunderstorm- Top notes of ozone, melon and soil gives it a really earthy scent- you can really nice the soil, along with the floral and woody base notes- I would say it smells like a Thunderstorm- it kinda smells like mud!

4) Bubblegum- Now I'm not usually a bubble gum fan- but this isn't too overpowering in the slightest. Fruity and sugary sweet it's total nostalgia from my school days.

5) Pink Ribbon Scent Melt- £2.00 from each of this months boxes will go to Pink Ribbon Foundation who support and fundraise for people affected by breast cancer. You can buy the melt separately too. This a gorgeous a fruity scent with cranberry, prune juice, strawberry, raspberry and orange with a woody and powdery base note to even things out. Love this!

6) Pomegranate & White Fig - This a very fresh and subtle scent- smells like freshly cleaned clothes when they've just come from the tumble drier. "Exotic fresh fig fruit, green fig leaf, pink pepper, cardamom, frankincense and citrus, leading to a heart of clove, patchouli, lily, blended with fruity blackcurrant, warming amber and woody fig bark". This is stunning. My favourite from this months box.

7) Cranberry, Orange and Cinnamon- I would associate this with Christmas but with the cinnamon it really does smell Autumnal too. It does exactly what it says on the tin but with an extra kick of lemon peel to sharpen things up.

8) Nutmeg & Ginger- It's weird- I like neither of these scents but absolutely love this melt! It very warm and spicy. This is a Melt Crowd exclusive melt but I think it would sell well as part of their main collection. Absolutely perfect for Autumn.

This box definitely encapsulates Autumn to a tee and with £2.00 from each box going to charity it's an October must have. It's a shame that you can't back order previous boxes as I think it would be a huge hit- but at the same time I realise that that Flamingo sees each months box as a limited product and once it's gone, it's gone so it keeps people interested and intrigued.

I have had 4 months of these boxes, but have cancelled my subscription for the time being as I have melts coming out of my ears and only one burner so I've a back log waiting to be used. When I've finished my current hoard, I wouldn't think twice about re-subscribing as it's great value for money.

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