Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick


The latest additions to the Rimmel family are the very impressive The Only 1 Lipsticks.

They have:

  • Hybrid formula to combine long wear & moisturisation
  • Pre-coated pigments for 1 stroke coverage
  • Vibrant and luminous finish that lasts
  • Blend of lighweight oils for glide and a cushioning sensation
  • Rosa Fruit Oil and Vitamin E to moisturise and care
  • Blend of advanced polymers sets the formula and enhance skin adhesion for long lasting colour
  • Available in 15 shades
I'll get the three negatives out of the way first-
1) The packaging- as someone that's a tad OCD, it frustrates me SO much that these can't be stored label side up and the top is uneven and oddly shaped so that's the first thing. The band around the bottom of the lipstick is the same shade as the lipstick so this is fine but again it's bloody annoying packaging.

2) The scent these have a watermelon scent to them and it seems more pungent that the other lipsticks that Rimmel do. I don't like watermelon and never have, it's a really odd scent to choose.

3) The slanted tip makes application a tad more difficult than a pointy ended lippie and you can't get the precision.

Now on to the positives....

1) It applied very smoothly and the texture is very creamy so it doesn't drag on the lips at all.

2) The pigment is highly concentrated and one swipe really is all you need. 

3) These can be blotted on to create more of stain on the lips, and they wear off evenly. It doesn't go patchy in one place first.

4) The price tag-only £6.99 and they're more than likely to be 3 for 2 at some point

5) The names of the lipsticks- we know I love a name and not just a number!

6) They don't feel heavy on the lips at all and the colour stays on for a long time considering the creamy formula

7) You can apply again directly on top throughout the day without it going gunky in the corners of the mouth or bobbly

8) They feels very moisturising on the lips 

These are the shades that I chose.....

Pink A Punch

You're All Mine

Listen Up!

They are available now for £6.99 from Boots and Superdrug

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  1. I bought Peachy Beachy and it's a gorgeous shade but I also don't like the scent - it's way too strong xxx

    1. I totally agree- I say that in my newest video. I don't like watermelon at all and that's a massive downside for me xx

  2. They are such beautiful colours :) xx



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