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A few weeks back I ventured into London with my boyfriend Andrew to check out the Oxford Street Lush store- 3 floors of Lush! What more could a girl ask for? I didn't got too crazy as I am still working my way through the Christmas Sale goodies from 2014!

I decided to buy only items that weren't available in any other Lush shops to make it a bit more special, knowing everything was only limited to that one store.

The Comforter Shower Cream- This smells incredible and I just had to have it. I'm a big fan of The Comforter bubble bar (which if you eek it out you can get 4 baths out of!). Cassis, Bergamot Oil and cypress oils make this a beautiful berry blast to your shower. LOVE.

Clockwise from the top:

These are all solid bath oils, from which I understand are limited to the Oxford Street store only.

1) Clock of Invisibility Bath Oil- A cute orange oil that dusted with gold lustre. Jasmine and Rosewood oils create a warm scent that is perfect for the Autumn evenings. // £2.00 each

2) Orange Blossom Bath Oil- Does exactly what it says on the tin- Orange Blossom through and through. I bought this for my mum as she has a bit of a thing for Orange Blossom- it was greatfully received. //  £2.00 each

3) Lime Pastille Bath Oil- Lime is one of my favourite scents EVER, so when I spotted this there was no hesitation in making sure it was in my basket before I left. It also contains lemon oil as well as lime oil along with extra virgin coconut oil for ultimate nourishment. //  £2.00 each

4) Monsieur Gustave Bath Oil- This is such an unusual scent to me it's lavender with rose absolute and some tobacco thrown in for good measure to water down the the floral notes which aren't overpowering at all. This will make the perfect bath if you struggle to sleep or relax in general. It really mellow you out. It also contains jojoba oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and extra virgin coconut oil for extra smooth and supple skin. //  £2.00 each

5) Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Bath Oil- I saved the best till last here I feel. This is a fruit salad sweet, in a solid bath oil form. I actually bought two as soon as I caught a whiff of it. I may have even audibly groaned in the store *insert embarrassed face here*. The two toned beauts are candy floss scented (which I personally don't think they smell like at all), with marshmallow powder and almond oil. Simply divine. I'll probably emerge from the bath looking like Carmen Miranda haha! //  £2.00 each // This also is available as Bath Melt for £3.95 and is available in all Lush Stores so if you can't get to the Oxford Street store, you can still try this out.

The Big Bang Bubble Bar- This is such a refreshing and zingy scent and can't wait to use this. It contains tangerine oil, grapefruit and lemon myrtle, along with cocoa and avocado butter and olive oil to make your skin feel really hydrated and nourished. // £3.75

Frozen Bath Bomb- I am crazy in love with the Frozen film, so it seemed rude not to put this in my basket as soon as I saw it in the store. Grapefruit, Rose and Neroli gives this a crisp and floral scent with all of the scents balancing each other out. I can't wait to use this. // £3.95

Cyanide Pill Ballistic- This is a beautiful lemony scented ballistic with popping candy on the outside to give it extra crackle. There is apparently silver glitter on the inside, but I haven't experienced it as I haven't used the product yet. There is also an almond scent to it to balance things out. I think my bath will go a toxic yellow shade- which I'm looking forward to! // £3.50

As will all of the bubble bars- to make them last longer you can break them up- if you eek them out then they don't seem so expensive. I don't usually buy the ballistics as I think they just look good and disappear- I love bubbles in my bath, but it doesn't harm to change things up a bit sometimes.

What are your favourite Lush products?
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