The Melt Crowd - September Box

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This month's Melt Crowd box plopped on my doormat the other day, and as soon as I picked up the box I could smell the coffee scent straight away. There are lots of diverse scent in this box including one Circus melt and 2 exclusive melts along with the other 5 scents that are permanently available. 
As it was my third box, a small package of Scent Eggs were added in the box as a freebie which was a sweet idea.

Now let's get to the nitty gritty:

CIRCUS Candy Floss- After last month's Circus Doughnut fiasco I was just glad I didn't get that scent again. This melt contains hints of raspberry, toffee, caramel and vanilla so if you're after a super sweet melt- this is the one for you. I think I may give this to my auntie- a new Melt Crowd member as I'm sure she is a fan of these kinda smells!

Rose and Marshmallow- This is floral and subtle sweet scent. I thought maybe the marshmallow would be a bit sickly, but with the floral notes it cuts through.

Earl Grey Tea & Cucumber- Now was someone thats not a fan of either cucumber or earl grey- I really really like this scent. It has notes of amber, musk and wood so that's probably why I find it really appealing. The top notes are really fresh too. 

Lemon and Lime Mojito- This is really zingy and some may think it smells a bit like toilet cleaner- but I actually quite like it. Notes of mandarin and grapefruit are also included. Very crisp and zingy.

White Lilac and Rhubarb- This is another favourite of the box, green apple and rhubarb cut through the floral notes of lilac, violet, rose and lily making it no so heady. Musk is the base note of this melt which I adore in anything and this makes a great combination.

Jamaican Café and Walnut- This scent was the first thing you could smell even before opening the box. Mixing freshly ground and roast coffee along with the nuttiness of the walnut really does come though. They've even added a tiny bit of cocoa to cut through the bitterness of the coffee. It is very true to the scent of real coffee (which I love) I just don't want my room filled with it.

Crème Brûlée- This is an exclusive scent to the box and I do quite like the subtle scent. The creaminess really comes through along with the sweetness of a crème brûlée - minus the burnt bits!

Last but not least is the Grapefruit, Orange and Lemon Peel melt- another exclusive to the box and not available online this has has the zesty nest of the grapefruit with the sweetness of the orange and hint of lemon breaks it all down a bit to reveal a more subtle almost warm scent. Even though it sounds like a summer scent- it definitely smells more like an autumn one.

I also received 2 coffee scent eggs along with 4 vanilla and 2 chocolate ones. I've seen these on the website but the combination is all to sickly for me. I would have preferred the fruity ones- but don't look a gift horse in the mouth and all that.

Hopefully in my next box I'll get the Circus Cherry Slush one- I'm pretty sure it is gonna smell amazing so I'm excited to try it.

The Melt Crowd box is available for £10.00 a month including p&p and you can get it here now.
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