Real Techniques: Limited Edition Eyelining Set

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As an already big fan of the Real Techiques brushes, I was excited to see Sam and Nic bringing out a limited edition set that was just focused on one particular thing- eyelining. This set is absolutely brilliant and the brushes the perfect size. There are four brushes in the set so I'll give you a quick rundown:

1) Eyeliner brush: Firm angled head so you can get super close to the lash line and still be in control of the brush
2) Pointed liner brush- This is flat and tapered so you can create lines to your desired thickness whether is be a Amy Winehouse flick or a delicate subtle liner.
3) Smudge brush- This is my favourite brush of the set, it fits perfectly under the eye and is just the right size to get a really lovely blend in.
4) Precision liner brush- With a really find tip- you can have so much control over the liner and get it just right, and the bristles are dense enough to not spay out and go mishapen, meaning you can get a really defined line.

This set comes in a silver pouch- which to be honest is a bit too big for the brushes, they get lost in it. Saying this, its good if you have longer brushes in that you want to keep neat and tidy for travelling.

I wasn't sure when this was released in the US, whether it would be available straight away so I bought the set for $20 but wasn't charged any import charges or tax on top so it worked out at £13.10 for the set. You can however buy it online in the UK for £15.99 at Look Fantastic , or you can hedge your bets and get one from the Real Techniques site.

This set is perfect for those starting out and want to develop there looks further and dare I say Christmas is coming, so this would make a lovely stocking filler pressie. Next stop..... their brush cleaner!

What are your favourite Real Techniques brushes?

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1 comment

  1. so pretty!! I have the starter kit so I have the angled brush already. and they sent me the angled liner from the bold metals collection... so I think I'm good for now..




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