My Current Shower Time Favourites

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Even though Summer is nearly over- we can still hope for some super hot days *fingers crossed* in September. These are my current shower time favourites and they're perfect if your going away on holiday too or have just come back from holiday and don't want your tan to fade too fast.

First up is the Sanctuary Spa Cooling Shower Drench- This sounds pretty mouthwatering to me and its been so lovely to use in the shower on the hot and humid days we have had recently. It contains watermelon and cucumber which refreshes and cools the skin (I love the scent of this, even though I don't usually like either watermelon or cucumber!). The pearlescent finish makes it look almost icy and its the perfect pick me up shower gel if you're looking to be cooled down or just woken up in the morning. I did even turn the shower on freezing cold and it felt SO good- my skin went all tingly. Just a side note- I really like the packaging of this new range. // £4.67 from Boots (usually £7.00).

Next up is St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Tanning Lotion. Now, I am a complete tanning novice-absolutely useless and when applying tan I try to do it nicely, but end up looking like what can only be described as a hot mess. This has changed the game a bit for me though. I haven't tried any St Tropez products before, but found this to be nothing short of bloody brilliant. I wasn't looking for a deep mahogany Geordie Shore look, but was looking for a subtle glow that would prolong my holiday tan that bit longer. It is completely fool proof. First wash yourself in the shower like normal (also exfoliating knees, elbows, get the jist!) and then switch off the shower, slather this on, wash your palms and then leave for 3 minutes and then thoroughly rinse off, jump outta the shower and dry yourself off. Couldn't be easier and it's totally streak free. The only thing that I wasn't over wrapped about was the smell- still slightly biscuity but only for the first few hours. Will anyone, ever make a non biscuity fake tan? All in all a fab product and will definitely be repurchasing. // £14.50 from Boots.

Last up is the new Femfresh Intimate Daily Wash.* This isn't a new product but the brand has had a bit of revamp so the packaging is all different. It's definitely a step in the right direction and I find it more appealing. Even though its may still be a bit of an awkward product to buy (I'm not bothered but I know people that are) it's a bit more current for younger users. Although the old packaging was discreet- it felt a bit dated and maybe that's what put younger people off from buying it. This can be used daily and even as a normal body wash. It's obviously aimed at your bits and parts/ wanny/ vagina- whatever you wanna call it, but if you have sensitive skin in general then this could be really good for you. Its dermatologically and gynaecologically tested too. You can check out my previous 'Bits and Parts' Femfresh post here. I also love the deodorant sprays too as they're not too powdery so don't irritate your throat (maybe just me that happens too but sometimes they make me choke). // £1.49 from Boots (usually £3.49).

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