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As I was early to catch my train a couple of weeks ago- I thought that I would pop into the Victoria Station LUSH. As I haven't yet been to the flagship Oxford St store, I was hoping that they would have some of the ltd edition products in the shop- as I wasn't disappointed. I hadn't actually tried or seen any of these products before so it's nice to try something completely different. I'm much more of a Bubble Bar girl as I think that you get more value for money, but the bombs tend to be a bit of a showstopper so I threw a couple into the mix.

Clockwise from left:

1) Milky Bath - This contains skimmed milk, orange oil and patchouli oil and its such a relaxing scent and can't wait to use this in the bath. Milk is added to help you skin become soft and supple. The silver lid is also cocoa butter to add extra nourishment. // £3.75

2) The Experimenter - When I smell this I automatically think of Autumn. Tonka absolute- sweet (say what?!) ,vanilla and vetiver oil - restorative and relaxing (nope- no idea what that is either!) but there is an underlying spiciness that is very warming. Popping candy and gold lustre are inside too to create a truly magical bath experience- in theory the colours all look awesome but i've found that with these kind of bath bombs they all mush into one colour making your bath murky green once all of the excitement of the fizziness has gone.

3) Karma - This is a beautiful bubble bar and I don't even want to use it as it looks so pretty. This is also warm and spicy and I imagine it creating the most beautiful purple bubble bath. Ingredients include lemongrass (antiseptic and uplifting), patchouli (exotic and earthy), mango butter (skin softening) and sweet almond oil (refreshing and uplifting). It'll be like bathing in Ribena! // £4.25

4) Sakura - This is inspired by the cherry blossom and has a really fresh floral scent that's not too heady. It contains orange absolute (floral and uplifting), mimosa absolute (cleansing and calming), lemon oil (uplifting and refreshing), jasmine absolute (floral and seductive). Did I mention that there is popping candy on the top? // £3.35

5) Pop In The Bath - Super zesty I adore this scent. Bergamot (uplifting and cleansing) makes this a much more subtle fragrance with mandarin and lemon oil (uplifting and refreshing) and orange flower absolute (intensely floral and uplifting) creating the zestiness. This is the perfect sunday night bath bubble bar. // £3.25

I think with the bubble bars especially, you can get 2 or 3 baths out of each one so that's why I find them really good value for money.

What are you favourite Lush products?

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