Better Late Than Never: My Little Gypset Box - August Box

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I can't believe that I have finally got around to writing this post- and it's nearly time for the September one to arrive!

Now we all know how excited I get when these arrive but it's gotta be said -  I felt quite let down about this month's. The theme for the box is Gypset- now I know what a Gypsy is, but I had to urban dictionary Gypset sd I had absolutely no bloody idea what it here goes:

"Fusing the ease and carefree lifestyle of a gypsy with the sophistication of the jet set, the Gypsetters are artists, surfers, designers, and bon vivants who live and work around the globe, from Jose Ignacio, Uruguay and Ibiza, Spain, to Montauk, New York. Gypset Style explores the unconventional, wanderlust lives of these high-low cultural nomads and the bohemian enclaves they inhabit, as well as their counterculture forbears, such as the Victorian explorers, the Lost Generation, the Beatniks, and the hippies"

So here are the contents of this months slightly lack lustre box. Don't get me wrong, just because I don't like it- I'm sure there are gonna be people that absolutely love it.....

Korres Bergamot Pear Body Milk- This non sticky lotion contains almond oil, shea butter and aloe vera to help nourish the skin and leaves your skin lightly scented with basil lemon, bergamot pear and Santorini vine. It smells refreshing but I'm really not a body lotion kinda gal so this will be thrown in my mums direction I think. I guess i'm just too lazy for this step my bodycare routine!

Next up is So Susan Colour Hybrid- this can be used on the cheeks a flush of colour or on the lips for a just bitten look. I personally would'nt let this near my cheeks with a barge pole- it is just WAY too pigmented- you would end up looking like Coco the Clown. For lips though, it's a lovely shade. I don't get the mousse like texture of it- I would say it applied like the Melted lipsticks from TooFaced. I can see myself wearing this and the applicator tip is very handy, but not my cheeks.

I haven't given the Summer Caress Bronzing Powder a go yet but it doesn't look too orangey which is the problem a lot of people have with bronzers. There is a subtle golden glow running throughout- without being too chunky and it's not too dark, so for lighter toned gals this would be great.

These are probably my favourite thing from the box this month- Hair Ties by My Little Box- They're designed so you can wear them as a bracelet too- hydrid hairtie-bracelets if you will! These don't seem to leave any indentation in the hair and secure nice and tightly without slipping down. They have the kink free aspect like the Invisibobble, but the staying power of the Popband AND they're cute to wear on your wrist if you're wearing your hair down, but might want one for later.

This is the last thing in the box that really did disappoint- I love a bag as much as the next person, but I can hand on heart say that I would have only ever worn this in my B*Witched days of double denim. It's not me at all and i'm not sure I can even find anyone to give it too! The bag is designed by Antik Batik and is drawstring shoulder/cross body bag. I think there are various shades of the bag, as the one in the MLB magazine is turqouise and much much more appealing.

All in all, I felt this was a bit of a half hearted box- I guess I'm not cut out for the Gypset lifestyle just yet!

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