The Melted Crowd- August Box

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This is my second Melted Crowd box by Flamingo Candles and it's another impressive one. I'm still pretty impressed that I have been burning on of the melts from last months box and it's still going strong and the scent hasn't dwindled either. This month sees two Melted Crowd exclusives which are the Fresh Cotton melt and the Dahlia melt, along with a preview melt called Circus Doughnuts. Both completely 100% different scents and the Doughnuts one is one you'll either love or hate. I personally hated it, so much I actually took pictures for this post and threw it in the bin as it actually made me feel sick. The scent has lingered too every time I have opened my cupboard.

Lets get on to the positives....

1) Dahlia - A delicate floral scent that isn't at all heady and leaves a really delicate fragrance in your room.

2) Green Apples- This a very fresh scent and smells a bit like a posh washing up liquid- I personally really like this and it has a bit of a citrus twang. Great to burn if you're pottering about the house in the morning for a fresh zingy scent. I really like this.

3) Strawberries & Champagne- I can't really smell the Champagne element, but maybe it cuts through the sweetness of the strawberries and the strawberry scent isn't at all sickly sweet- which you may expect. It doesn't smell of artificial strawberries either- a true likeness to fresh ones.

4) Circus Doughnuts- I can even express how much I dislike this scent. It actually made me heave and went straight in the outside bin. Not sure how anyone could actually like this scent it was so sickly and just plain weird. Not for me. At all.

5) Pomegranate Cider- This is a totally different scent to what I have smelt before. Its quite sweet and fruity but not sickly, it also has a twang of citrus from the cider element which I would imagine cuts through the sweetness. It has a slight warmth to it too, so would be nice on cooler evenings heading towards Autumn.

6) Ginger & Lime- As someone that doesn't like lime, but loves ginger I quite like this scent.  Its definitely more lime than ginger which I love and its so fresh and clean. Gorgeous.

7) Fresh Cotton- This is beautiful, think freshly laundered sheets- yum. So clean and fresh. Probably my favourite from the box.

8) Kir Royale Cocktail- A gorgeous fruity and warm scent- you can really smell the blackcurrants coming through and again not sickly or heady at all. Just the right balance.

I'm spoilt for choice on what to burn, but it certainly won't be the Doughnut one!

Have you tried The Melted Crowd service yet?

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