Pump It Up Dry Shower Body Wash

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We have dry shampoo, so why not a full on Shower Body Wash? The folks of Pump It Up have done exactly that- as festival season has started I think this would be perfect to pack in your bags for the weekend or to keep a small one in your bag for a general freshen up. These are also great for using after sports or if you travel a lot using long haul flights etc. Having been to a number of festivals in the past- I would without use this in the privacy of my own tent to get clean than risk the many showers at the festival- verruca central, no thank you!

The foam formula is available in 6 scents - 3 for men, 3 for women. I chose Raspberry but I think if I were to buy it again I would go for the mens Eucalyptus or the Mandarin. I found myself smelling like a packet of sweets and the scent was a little sickly. Aside from that, its a non sticky formula and doesn't dry out the skin at all. It kills the bacteria that make you whiff- but in no way replaces showering full stop. For short term use, its great and I'll definitely be packing one next time I go away. And its only £3.00 a tube- and it'll last you a really long time.

The 6 scents are: Mint & Lime, Eucalyptus and Coconut - all mens ones and Cucumber, Mandarin and Raspberry for the girls. I would personally prefer the mint and lime or eucalptus and I think they're fresher scents and less sweet which is just a personal preference.

You can grab them now HERE. 
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