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I have been absolutely loving the Yoga Blend range from Nip & Fab* lately- I have been testing out the body scrub and lotion and it's fab. I started yoga a few weeks ago, mainly because of my job as a dental nurse and the fact I have big boobs. I have had back problems for a few years (also due to working in a book warehouse years ago when health and safety wasn't an issue and I didn't lift stuff properly!). Anyway, a yoga class started literally 5 minutes down the road and I decided to give it a whirl. I was actually told I was quite flexible- who knew?!

Yoga has helped me no end, and if you spend your days hunched over a computer, I would definitely recommend it. My mum started to come with me too and its an hour and a half where you totally switch off and theres not a phone to be seen or heard.

I like this range because it helps me relax even more and helps me have an absolutely brilliant nights sleep. The thing that I love about the body lotion is that it's a pump form. I find this much less of an effort to use and keep it by my bed and slather up before I hit the hay.


"Glycolic Acid – stimulates mild exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, revealing brighter, smoother and younger skinLactic Acid - gently exfoliates and smoothes an outer layer of the skinSalicylic Acid – derived from the bark of a willow tree, this naturally occurring hydroxy acid aids the process of exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cellsLavender, Rose + Coconut - unwinding fragrance which is calming, relaxing and detressing"

I'm usually not a coconut fan but the scent doesn't override everything else so I don't really notice it. The acids have certainly helped keep my skin smooth along with the Tough Stuff by Cocoa Brown- its been the perfect post holiday combination to help my prolong my tan.

You can buy the range now from here.

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