In-Flight Skincare

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When I recently went to Crete, I thought I would take a little snap of my travel skincare bits and bobs for the flight.

As a rule, when I fly I don't tend to wear makeup as it makes my skin feel grimy and yucky. Heres a list of what I packed for this flight:

Hydraluron - Super hydrating gel that contains Hyaluronic Acid which holds unto 1000x its weight in water. Just what you need on a flight that sucks the life outta your skin!

Antibacterial Hand Gel- I use this ALL the time, I buy a large bottle and then refill the little one. I do not go anywhere without this- you just don't know where peoples hands have been!

Waitrose Pure Eye Gel- Super cooling and hydrating this reduces puffiness in eyes and keeps them hydrated with its Vitamin E and Olive Oil ingredients.

Vicks First Defence- You can guarantee you'll catch something when you fly- 90% of the time it'll be a nasty cold from some snotty nosed kid or person that decides to spray the contents of their nose all over everyone without putting their hand over their mouth. I swear by first defence. A couple of squirts before and after the flight and it'll knock any nasty bugs on the head. As the air con on planes make the air so dry, I spray this to keep my nose moist and sometimes it gets so dry and then makes my throat dry too.

Vichy Aqua Thermale - I received this in a subscription box and save all sample sizes for when I go away. I use this over my hydraluron to keep my skin super hydrated.

La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water- More effective straight from the fridge, this is great to just freshen up and make you feel a bit more alive. I like to spray this on my neck and behind my ears and well as a quick spritz over my face to refresh. This is the 50ml size and perfect if you've had a long day in the sun and are a bit hot and bothered- pop it in the fridge before you go out and it'll cool to down no end.

Sure Crystal Clear Aqua Antiperspirant - This is the compressed can making it more compact and easier for travel. Obviously you'd used this to freshen up before landing so you're smelling good to go. My personal fave is Right Guard Xtreme Woman Ultra Cool Antiperspirant. It smells EXACTLY like Armani Code- love love love.

Last but not least is my Etude House Mugwort (soothing and brightening) Sheet mask- Now my sister wouldn't let me wear this on the flight in fear of looking like a total weirdo/freak/serial killer, so I waited until half way through the holiday so I could quench my skins thirst. I keep this in the fridge too and when I put it on it felt like heaven! I pick up my sheet masks from Kollection K and the Etude House ones are $1.79 which is roughly £1.14. Sheets masks are much less faffing around and the excess product you can massive in afterwards.

I had my Jack Black SPF 25 lip balm with my which I applied liberally (but wasn't in the photo)

I hope you enjoyed this post as it was something a bit different for me.

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