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As if I never knew that Wilko delivered! As soon as I found this out, the card was out and an Essence order had been made. I went for a bit of everything to test the water as having not used Essence before I jumped in at the deep end. I'm pretty happy with my picks so I'll let you have a look. If I really fall in love with anything it'll definitely make a reappearance on the blog at some point.
As a bit of a magpie, as soon as I clapped eyes on the Crystal eyeliners, I wanted in! They swatched nicely with left left shade giving a pretty turquoise and gold undertone and the right giving a pink with gold shimmer. When I actually applied them on the lid- the colour way hardly visible and its just got a bit of a mess. On a positive note- they were easy to remove! The looked way nice in the tube, a bit like the Heavy Metal liners from Urban Decay that looked lovely but turne out to be nyon bloody useless! // £2.30 each.

The standout for me was the All About Nude palette-  6 pretty shimmery nude shades. Something for everyone. As always, I used a base to intensify the colour but even when I couldn't be bothered to do that, they gave a nice wash of colour across the lid. There are lighter shades to act as a hightlight on the brow bone or even the cheekbones if you fancy, some darker shades to smoke things up a bit and then the middle shades are great transition shades. Without a base the colours to do wear off after a couple of hours, but with a base they firmly stay put. For £4.00 it's an absolute bargain. // £4.00

After seeing this ombre blush palette, I knew I had to grab one. A swirl of the brush and a sweep across the cheek will give you a lovely peachy coral flush. You can use both shades separately but I find they're nicer mixed together. Its also very long lasting and buildable, it looks like a matte finish but has a tiny tiny tiny amount of shimmer so I guess it would be a satin, but when you have it on- it looks matte. // £3.50
As a lipstick junkie, it seemed rude to to try one of their Longlasting lippies- I opted for shade 14 (why don't they have a name? I get so confused by numbers :-( . It look much more vibrant on the website so I was disappointed when it arrived- it's definitely a lot less vibrant on and looks more vibrant in the tube. Having said that, it is a pretty shade none the less and doesn't feel too heavy or drying on the lips. You could reapply to a deeper colour if you wished, but I stayed with the one layer as seen below. A handy side note is that the lipstick colour matches the band on the middle of the lipstick case- so if you have a few of these it does help
 identify them a bit better. // £2.30

This little mirror is so cute and immediately caught my eye because I'm all about the spex. Its quite a lightweight compact too which makes your bag that little bit lighter. // £2.00
I also picked up one of their blending brushes and have to say that I am pleasantly surprised at just how soft the bristles are, and you get a beautiful blend too.// £1.49

The Stay All Day 16hr foundation was one of the first things to be thrown into my cyber basket- I opted for the shade 30 'Soft Sand' but this was way too dark and orangey for me to pull off. I also noticed it clinging to the dry patches across my nose- not a good look. Even if I had have picked up a more suitable shade, I'm not convinced that I would enjoyed wearing it anymore. // £3.80
Whilst looking around, I spotted the Stay All Day concealer- opting for the shade 20 so as to not go too light. This was still pretty light when I applied it but blended out nicely enough to get away with it- it defintely made me look more alive! // £2.50

Have you tried Essence? What are your top picks?

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