Benefit They're Real Liner: Beyond Purple

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No as you may or may not know, I thought the original They're Real liner was ok, but quite expensive and the more I got to using it, the more clumpy I found it and less easy to work with. When I saw the new coloured liners I eyed them up on the counter and the sales girl applied the purple one for me. I found it much creamer in texture when she applied it- a lot less drag- and the colour itself a was a really pretty aubergine so a lot easier to wear every day. There also happened to be 10% in store when I decided to buy it- that's what swung it for me!

As ever with these kind of liners, the key is keeping the tip clean and free from any dried liner that may make it clump. I tend to twist up some product, put it on the back of my hand and use it separately, just using the nib to apply from my hand- I feel like you have more control that way.

I really don't think you need to buy the separate remover as with an oil based product these come off really easily. I also found that there was no transfer to my lid when wearing this particular shade, and I found with the black one, if you get a bit hot and sweaty it does transfer.

Do keep an eye out for these on sites like Feel Unique as you can get freebie gifts and discount codes and it's the best time to justify spending the best part of £20 on an eyeliner!

What are your thoughts on the liner?

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