Trichology Revitalising Scalp Shampoo, Conditioner and Tonic

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Even though dandruff is a touchy subject some people I can't say that I am that bothered talking about it. I have suffered with problem scalp for a few years on and off. Mainly, when I'm super stressed is when it is at it's worst and I have tried everything under the sun to help it on its way, but sadly everything failed miserably. I had my dental nurse exams mid- June and it was at its very worst. To the point that the night before my exam is was itchy my scalp was bleeding- not good. I let it heal and knew I had to try and find something else to use.
As I was searching the shelves in my local Superdrug, I noticed this range as a new own brand release. I was more than happy to give anything a shot and my god am I glad that I did. The Trichology range includes a Revitalising Shampoo, Intensive Scalp Conditioner and Re-Balancing Scalp Tonic.
Each product contains caffeine, ginseng and lime which are all known for their healing properties on poorly scalp. I think the range was 3 for 2 making all three less than £8- an absolute bargain considering one tiny, measly bottle of Nizarol costs nearly 8 quid- which was also about as useful as chocolate fireguard.
Considering my scalp was in such a bad way, I would go as far as say that this was pretty much a miracle. It instantly cooled my scalp and the itchy faded away within a couple of hours letting my scalp properly. I applied the conditioner and massaged it into the scalp, leaving it for about 3 minutes, then sectioned my hair and applied the tonic to the roots. I let my hair dry naturally and there was no heaviness at all after the tonic which was great.

I have continued to use these three products when washing my hair and have had no problem at all with dandruff- it's all gone! Waheyyyy.

If you suffer from sensitive scalp then this is for you and it's not gonna break the bank either.

The range costs £3.99 per item. I don't have a link as for some reason they are not online, but if you go into your local Superdrug, they'll be sure to have it. My local super drug never has any new releases, so if I can find it in there- you'll definitely be able to find it in your local store.

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