Curaprox Black Is White/ White is Black Toothpaste


When the lovely guys and gals at Curaprox asked if I would like to give their new Black Is White toothpaste a go, I jumped at the chance. And a dental nurse, it's nice to give new products a go and to recommend to patients. I am massive fan of their toothbrushes (the 5460 in particular) too to- you HAVE to try them!

So this toothpaste is a natural product containing activated carbon without the use of abrasion or chemical bleaching. The carbon helps to absorb the stains gently removing them without ruining your enamel! As you'll see in the picture, there are tiny blue particles (Prestige Sparkling Blue) in the toothpaste- these act as an optical illusion in making your teeth appear whiter but counteracting the yellow in discoloured teeth. Starphere is used as cooling agent to give you a super fresh feeling long after brushing.

The black tubed toothpaste is lime flavoured, this seems like an odd choice, but saying that makes a nice change to your usual bog standard mint. I wasn't 100% sure on the taste, but after a couple of days I got used to it. I guess it just tastes weird because you always have mint. The white tube is extra mild so much less offensive on the ol' tastebuds. Both leave your mouth feel lovely and fresh and its a bit of a novelty to have the black toothpaste. My only negative point is the fact that if you spill it- its hard to get off straight away. Usually with white toothpaste you can just wipe it off. This happened the other day when I didn't have my glasses on and shot the whole lot down my t-shirt!

Another fab thing about this toothpaste is it contains no SLS or Triclosan so if you are particularly sensitive to these, this would be great for you. I have a mate who can't use SLS in toothpaste as it makes her mouth incredibly itchy, and it near impossible to find a toothpaste containing fluoride without SLS. I can't stress enough- you HAVE to have fluoride in your toothpaste. And remember- spit your toothpaste don't rinse, otherwise you'll have undone all your hard work!




After 7 days use, twice a day

I'm pretty happy with the results and will carry on using the toothpaste and would definitely recommend it.

You buy it from Curaprox right now! Also check out their super cute his and hers toothbrushes!
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  1. Hey! Just came across your blog while looking for reviews of this. Love it! I am on day 2 of the black paste and I really like it. Doesn't actually taste of lime to me, I thought it was mint! But just wanted to ask what you mean by not rinsing? I always rinse and now panicking I am doing it all wrong!! :-)

    1. Hey Anna, well I hope that you enjoy my blog. When I mean by not rinsing is that after you brush your teeth, if you rinse then you're washing all of the fluoride off your teeth- and undoing all of your hard work xx



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