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The nearest Waitrose to me is about 25 miles away, so I don't really go in there very much, but on the way to somewhere recently I popped in to see what was on offer in their beauty department. How did I not know that Waitress had their own skincare range? The pure range is over 98% natural, fragrance free and perfect for sensitive skin. I really like packaging- clean, simple and looks more expensive that it's actual price tag.

I have used the Face Polish but find your face has to be really well and it is quite abrasive. Salt is the main exfoliant, and it also contains sweet almond oil and coconut oil to nourish the skin. This product has 100% naturally derived ingredients. It's £2.99 here.

Next up is the Pure Eye Gel (98% natural), this is the perfect morning eye cream/gel and contains vitamin E and olive oil to nourish as well as menthol to give a cooling effect. It certainly does that and de-puffs eyes in an instant. You could even put this in the fridge for even more of a refreshing eye gel. I do find that if I accidentally put it too near my eye the menthol does make my eyes water ever so slightly. It's £2.99 here. 

Last up is the Pure Facial Oil (98% natural) - this is my favourite product of the three by a long shot. Containing vitamin e, sweet almond oil, peach kernel oil and olive oil to provide lots of nourishment for the skin. I like oils, but its hard to find oils that don't leave your face feeling really greasy and heavy. This is almost a dry oil like you'd put on your hair and absorbs into the skin instantly and no greasy residue. This is also a penny pinching £2.99 here. If you going to try any of these three, I would recommend this.

There are lots of other products in the range such as all purpose beauty balm, hand cream, face cream and facial wipes so you check those all out here.

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  1. I didn't know they had their own range, definitely would try some stuff from there!
    I know they sell Korres products which is quite cool x
    alicekatex ♥



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