Saturday Shopping, Minions and Sundaes

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Hey everyone,

So this weekend as the weather was so gorgeous we decided to do a spot of retail therapy in Croydon, go to Minions at the pictures and then chow down on some awesome sweet treats.

I picked up a few bits that will be a haul post striaght after this one- but mainly I wanted to show you the sweet treats that we had. Theres a shop in Croydon called Gelatos- does exactly what it says on the tin.

Andrew opted for the Strawberry Sundae- I think it's because he know I don't like strawberry flavoured things apart from actual strawberries, so I wouldn't be tempted to eat his! And I opted for cookie dough with vanilla ice cream. As you can see Andrew had serious Gelato Game Face on and I have to say mine was gorgeous too. 

Bargain of the day were these Sharpies- I just can't resist them. They were £16.99 down to £6.99 if you bought any stationary so I spent the super hefty sum of £1.49 and got these babies.

Minions was also totally hilarious, I'm pretty sure that we laughed more than the kids in the cinema. One thing did make me mad though- the woman in front of me was on her phone the whole entire time. Facebook chatted the whole way through. Whatever happened to common courtesy?


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1 comment

  1. Strawberries are the ultimate weapon. Muaahahhahaah :) it was a great day out x



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