My Little Provence Box - May Edition

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I thought I would do a quick post about the My Little Provence Box which I received this month. It arrived later than usual but I was still happy to see that it had arrived as I do a little bit excited every month for it.

This month hasn't been my favourite month ever, but none the less it has still been a cute little box.
You receive the usual drawstring bag- there are SO many uses for these. I use them for makeup, brushes, tidying cables when I'm travelling and for those footsie sock things as they are impossible to find usually. 

I also received some fridge magnets so you can dress the woman for holiday! Childish but still a fun idea. I don't really understand why it is in the box- is it to give you a little bit of calm? It says in the little booklet that Provence is bought to your kitchen. I don't get it?! There is also the booklet that had tips and tricks in along with interviews with various people- this months looks inside the vanity of none other that Really Ree. It also pulls out into a big poster that says 'Provence is a state of mind' with the MLB Illustrations. Pretty cute actually.

This months beauty products were:
- Verbena Leaf Soap from L'Occitane - This cleanses and exfoliates, creating a creamy consistency and eliminates dryness. I'm steer clear of any kind of bar soap as I find they strip my skin like paint stripper so I'm sure I'll be giving this a go.
- Mer & Mistral Shower Gel- This is the kind of sample you would see in a fancy hotel. It smells gorgeous and I'll be taking this on holiday with me in July. It claims to be summer holiday in a bottle.
- L'Occitane Rose Et Reines Hand Cream- Despite having Rose in my name, I really can't stand the smell... my mum is in luck though as she loves the scent so she'll have this thrown her way
- L'Occitane Verban Body Lotion- I love the scent and this will be going on holiday with my too to sooth my skin after a day in the sun. I'll probably put this in the fridge to keep cool and it'll feel extra refreshing when I apply it.

The Amazing Eyeshadow Pencil by My Little Beauty- A gorgeous metallic brown with gold undertones this is the perfect shade for summer. Blended on the lid with fingers or brush, or just applied to the lower lash line for a quick look with lashings black mascara, this is a winner. I never used to be a fan of cream eye products but as I seem to have less and less time to get things done- I use them for quickness. This also has a twist up end so not a sharpener in sight!

Last up is The Sunny Cuff - This is a DIY embroidary cuff. There is a tutorial in the book but I decided on my own pattern and as someone that doesn't really do crafty bits and bobs, I found this really therapeutic. You get the cuff and two different colours of thread. No sooner had I finished it- my mum was wearing it. After years of bringing useless things home from school that I had made, for once something useful that will get worn!

The cuff and the eyeshadow pencil were the redeeming factors of this months box in my opinion. I can't wait for the June box :-)

You can buy MLB here for £14.95 inc P&P

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