Forest Holidays Break Away


I meant to post this ages ago and somehow totally forgot. I went away for 5 days with my boyfriend to Forest Holidays in Thorpe Forest. There are 9 locations all over the UK and opted for the one nearest to me which was 1hr 1/2 away.

We decided on a Silver Birch cabin which slept upto 4- but there was only us two. It also came with a personal hot tub which was gorgeous and I never wanted to get out.

We also hired bikes, did the tree-trekking (and ached for 3 days afterwards), night trek through the forest and also the twilight one along with zip wiring and these straight drops too which made your stomach come out of your mouth and then go back in. Anyone that knows me, knows I'm not an outdoorsy type but I loved this break and it was so relaxing as well as active. The staff couldn't do enough for you, and somebody comes to greet you after check in to show you around your cabin. You can also order food from the TV and get it delivered to your cabin- another novelty that we were more than happy to make use of.

We chose to go out of holiday season which meant the kids were all at school - I'm so glad we decided on this because it much more relaxing that having kids shrieking all the time. The cabins are near each other, but not to close you can hearing everything thats going on. After 10pm they ask all residents to be quiet and respect the other visitors- this was fine by us. We used the jacuzzi every night and it was so peaceful and quiet.

Our bedroom 

The second room 

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2 (guess who got the big bathroom? xD)

No makeup days!

 Tree-Trekking THAT high up!

Macho Man!

 The day we (didn't) go to see the eclipse! This was quite freaky actually

View to our living room from the hot tub 

 This was heavenly! 

We did zip wiring from here and vertical drops!

We both thoroughly enjoyed our trip and can't WAIT to go back. My criticism is that the bike seats were SO hard, by the end of the visit I was walking like John Wayne- and its not for the lack of padding on my junk!

A x

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  1. This looks so amazing! That little cabin is so luxurious : ) it reminds me a lot of Center Parcs and now I really want to go away on a little adventure mini break (with a jacuzzi too, of course!!) xxx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. We had such an awesome time. This was about 10 miles from Center Parcs and not a child in sight haha- I know that sounds cruel but it was heaven! The ultimate in relaxation! You can even have beauty treatments in your cabin!

  2. It was an amazing experience and one I highly recommend to anyone. Can't wait to go back again one day soon x



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