Battle of The Balms

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I bought these balms within days of each and thought I'd let you know my thoughts. I had never tried anything from Kiehls either- so a lip balm seemed the perfect way to dip my toe in the water.
I was getting low on my Jack Black Mint and Shea Butter balm and thought I would try a different flavour. Before you all think it- nope the brand has nothing to do with the actor Jack Black! Thing that I love about this balm is that it is super thick so without feeling gloopy, it stays on the lips for a really long time and I feel that it actually works and nourishes my lips. On this purchase, I decided to opt for Black Tea and Blackberry. I find that because it is actually a grooming brand and not directly aimed at women- the scents of the balms aren't too sickly and sweet. I tend to go for darker and muskier products or peppered scents. I know that sounds weird but I'm really not one for fruity balms.   There are 4 scents in the range including grapefruit, shea butter, mint and black tea. What I also love about these is the slanted applicator so you don't need a mirror or to dip your fingers in any pots etc. 
These are £7.25 and available here.  They also have an SPF 25.

Next up is the Kiehls Lip Balm #1 in Cranberry (there are numerous flavours available including pear). This cost £9.50 and is my first ever Kiehls purchase. I've been using it daily but find it wears off quite quickly- I find it a bit slippy and after an hour it disappears and I have to keep reapplying. Its like a glorified vaseline if you ask me, so I'm not sure if I'll carry on using it. I think that i'll stick with the Jack Black balm. Its a shame that my first buy was a bit disappointing but I guess you live and learn. Another bug bear is the screw top lid- one it is so tiny you can easily drop and lose it- and there is no applicator as such so it a dab your finger job.
Hmm I know its more money and you get almost double the product but I'll be sticking with Jack for now! There is also no SPF.

A x
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