New On The Scene: Foamous Fragrance

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When these landed on my door mat I couldn't wait to give these a whirl. Foamous* have created foam fragrance/perfume. They are supposed to be moisturising and the scent long lasting. They do not dry the skin out at all and when you apply and rub them in the blend smoothly into the skin with no sticky residue on application. I was sent 3 scents which were:

 'Razz my Berries' - I really like the woody undertones of this fragrance and they cut through the sweetness of the peach.

'Classy Chassis'- This is probably my least favourite fragrance as I find it just a bit too sweet for me. I would think that this would be a hit with teenagers because of the sweetness and girlieness.

Finally I was sent 'Chrome Plated' - A mens fragrance with really warm spicy scent. I would love my man to smell of this- It smells quite expensive too- you wouldn't ever associate with coming in a foam form from a can. Beautiful.

Now the formula- They come out of the can in a really thick foam like shaving foam. I find the applicator too big for the product as I would only use it behind my ears and on my wrists, I find too much product is dispensed however hard you try. This wouldn't be a problem if the fragrance wasn't so strong- a little go a long way which is a great thing but there is so much of it I can imagine it being a bit over powering.

The packaging for these products have now changed and think they look fantastic. I don't have any details for UK release but will keep you posted when I  know more. I can imagine these being a hit with tweenagers and teenagers alike.

A x
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