NAIR Argan Oil Salon Body Wax

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I have to admit that I am a waxing novice. I have quite a pain threshold but it's always that 'rip off the plaster' thing that I've struggled with. Usually I talk to myself and say "right, count of 3 and i'll rip. 1...2..*puffs and closes eyes*...3....nope. Can't do it"
This time I braved it. 

The Nair Salon Divine Body Wax* has a 'bye bye pain' formula that helps to reduce the pain and is infused with Argan Oil to nourish, protect and heal skin and is scent with Orange Blossom. This smells absolutely incredible and literally smells of a spa. There is no faffing around with strips- you just whack this in the microwave, stir, microwave again and leave to stand until cool enough to apply. You apply with the wooden spatula, wait to set, hold skin taught and then peel off the wax. I found this really easy and fuss free. I also didn't experience much pain as I was expecting. 
It also worked great on shorter hair and I found that it didn't leave any sticky residue that some waxes leave- there are wax remover wipes included in the box. 
This has definitely changed my thoughts on waxing and I'll definitely be using it again.

The Nair Salon Divine Body Wax is available here for £11.99.

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