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Hey everyone,

Last week a little box I wasn't expecting appeared at my house. Inside was this is gorgeous little parcel from the gals at Flamingo Candles. They had sent me an early Valentines present- their Limited Edition Love Bug* candle release for Valentines Day. Now I am big fan of Flamingo candles and have featured them previously here. This came neatly wrapped in a pink tissue with blue ribbon and a little tag- they spelt my name right too- it's spelt Amii-Rose as you have NO idea how many people can't spell it right. Even family members get it wrong! It was no lovely to have something so personal.

The wax is Barbie pink with lilac glitter and it is a "sweet, strawberry sherbet delight" with mandarin, petitgrain and cinnamon. Now I can't really smell is cinnamon but I think that its more to cut through the sweetness with the spice. Usually  I tend to steer clear of super sweet scented things but I don't find this too overpowering at all. The burn time on these is approximately 50 hours so it's going to last you a long time too. These also burn really evenly so you get the maximum out of your candle.
All Flamingo candles are handpoured in the UK and made with soybean oil and natural cotton wicks making them organic products.

Whether a treat for yourself or someone for Valentines Day, this is a great gift
 that's budget friendly at just £12.00.

They are available now from Flamingo Candles
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