Perfect Red Lips for Valentines Day

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Hey Everyone,
So as Valentines Day is looming ever nearer, I thought I would show you two lip pencils that I have been loving lately and that are super affordable. Get your lips prepped and ready lots of a smoochin'!
These are both colours from Maybelline's Color Drama lipstick pencil range. Very chunky pencils with colour that packs a massive punch. They apply smoothly, evenly and if blotted and then reapplied- they'll last and last.
First up is 'Fab Orange' which actually looks much more red than orange when applied- I still love the colour though, but find it can make your teeth looks slightly more yellow as opposed to a blue based red which will make your teeth look whiter- optical illusion awesomeness!

Next up is Red Essential - A blue based red, which I actually prefer to Fab Orange. You get just as much colour , and find this a more dramatic look- the perfect pin up red in my eyes.

Before I apply bright colours, I like to exfoliate my lips first, apply balm- do the rest of my makeup, remove any residue from the balm and then apply the colour. For brighter shades, something like Urban Decays O-Zone clear lip liner is great, so the colour doesn't bleed.
What shades will you be wearing on Valentines Day?
These are available in Boots for a mere £4.99 and are currently on offer- Buy on Get 2nd Half Price. There are 9 shades to choose from and all very versatile shades and something for everyone.
A x
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1 comment

  1. I recently bought this after hearing it was a nars lip pencil dupe. I do really like it! xx
    alicekatex ♥



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