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As you will all know, I adore the My Little Box. Every month this box of joy drops on my door mat and instantly lifts my mood. 

This month was no exception and I have to say this may be the best box yet! (I know I say that every month, but I seriously believe this in the One!).
The box this month was in collaboration with Ines de La Fressange, a Chanel muse from the 80's and inspires Karl Lagerfeld. Strong and independent she is a French Icon. She oozes sophistication and in 1991 she created her own fashion label. She is now head of fashion house for Roger Vivier.

As usual you get the little magazine which you get every month and the products are in the little drawstring bag. These bags are the perfect size for keeping anything in from jewellery to socks in.

The first product I picked out was these DHC Blotting Papers. There are 100 in a pack and the perfect handbag size if you get a bit oily on the go. I have tried the DHC Cleansing Oil which is beautiful, so I will be looking forward to giving these a go. RRP £4.00

Next up is L'Oreal Brow Artist Shaper in 'Dark Brunette'. This is an eyebrow pencil one end, and a fixing wax on the other with a spoil brush on the cap. 3 in 1- I love multi use products. RRP £5.49

This is the most surprising thing to find in a beauty box. High end eyeliners!!! This is the By Terry Crayon Khol Terrybly in 3- Bronze Generation. I wouldn't say it was bronze but a black with gold undertones. Its such a lovely colour and blended all over the eye would give a really sultry sexy look. Oh and its waterproof! This also comes with By Terry makeup appointment at their Harrods store in London- you just have to call and make an appt, and remortgage your house because you'll want to splurge! RRP £23.00

As with every other month, My Little Box adds one of their own products. This box contained a complexion enhancer for glowing skin. It also contain edelweiss flower and apricot oil for their softening properties. I'll be giving this a go soon because this cold weather has been harsh and I need all the help I can get! RRP £9.50

This was SUCH a cute idea to include. Especially as these past few months have been a bit miserable weather wise and this is a great pick me up idea to get you going. This little jar contains 30 messages to give inspiration for that day. There are comforting quotes, pick me up tips along with how to confront your wardrobe in the morning! For instance this morning mine was "If all good things come to an end, why don't we start with dessert?" RRP £6.50

Last up is a smartphone case/pouch. My iPhone 6 fits inside, so anything smaller than that will be fine to fit in. It came in this red presentation box and the print is so cute and chic. LOVE! For someone accident prone like me, this is ideal. This is PU and Canvas. RRP £16.00

Total content of the box was worth: £64.49
Inside the box was also a couple of stickers, and inspiration card and more info on the products inside.

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1 comment

  1. I used to subscribe to my little box, this makes me want it again! Those DHC blotting sheets look so cute, I think I need to buy some :)



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