Lush Valentine's Day Collection

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Lush Valentine's Day collection is now available online and in stores. I was popping past one the other day and picked up 2 of the Heart Throb bubbleroons (right) and Lonely Heart bubble bar.

I went another day and bought two of the Unicorn Horn bubble bars- but I have yet to photograph them, so they'll be popped in this post at a later date.

The Heart Throb bubble bar is the same format as the bubbleroons, with a gold like paste in the middle and it turns your bath pinky red. It's main ingredients are Frangipani (mmmmm), shea butter, geranium oil and vanilla. Usually I don't like vanilla scented products but this isn't overwhelming. It also has the same scent as the African Paradise body conditioner that LUSH sell. These are £3.65 and you could easily get 2 baths out of it.

Next up is the Lonely Heart bubble bar, with scents such as bergamot oil (LOVE bergamot), lemongrass and rose this is very floral and balanced scent. Not too sweet and not too citrusy- it's really lovely. It also has jasmine and ylang ylang in. This will turn your bath red and shimmery with the gold lustre that it's been coated in- so you can give your skin a bit of shimmer. These are £3.50 each.

Last but by no means least is the Unicorn Horn. Now I really don't understand why this is in the Valentine's Day collection as I don't see the relevance but hey, it's a bit of bath time fun. This has lavender and neroli along with ylang ylang and coloured your bath with pretty pastels and a dusting of pearly shimmer. Oh and don't forget it's covered in candy stars. £3.25 each. I have to say after using this that I was a bit disappointed as it tuned my bath a grey kinda colour- not the most appealing but I got in contact with Lush and they're on the case!

Until next time

A x
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