Gillette Venus SNAP with Embrace

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These have available in the US for a while now but have now hit all local Boots and Superdrugs within the past few weeks. As I spend most of my weekends in London, I wanted to get snap one up (get it?) so i'll be able to leave it at my boyfriends place.

The Venus Snap comes with only one head which I find a bit stingy (I bought it full price and 2 weeks later it was half price- grrr don't you just hate that?) and a little carry case too. This is the perfect size for on the go and if you're going on holiday or travel a lot in general and having the case means you won't slice your fingers off if it's just floating around in your toiletry bag. This comes with one of the Embrace razors which have 5 curve hugging blades so they get as close to the skin as possible creating an even smoother shave. The green strip at the top gives extra moisture when shaving so less chance of any niggles AND these fit any Venus cartridge so you can just grab whatever is the one offer without having to spend loads on a specific type. I picked up an extra pack of 4 cartridge heads  for £10.99 which were the Venus Embrace ones.

The mini handle is the perfect size to grip when shaving.

The back of the compact has holes in to allow the razor to get dry and keep the blades from going rusty and keeps the whole compact aerated.

These are available now in Boots for £4.99 (grab them now as I got caught out and paid £9.99 for mine!)

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