Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection- What I Bought

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Hey everyone,

I thought I'd show you all what I bought from the new Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection. These are stunning brushes, and the ferrule is weighted in all of them so when using- they provide beautiful grip and control. The handles are also tapered so they don't roll off flat surfaces. As a makeup artist, there is nothing more frustrating than brushes rolling off!! 
The bristles are completely synthetic and feel as soft the Illamasqua brushes, but a little bit more inexpensive. 

I did a previous post HERE about the initial brush release. 

I decided to get 3 of the brushes which I thought I would use more than any of the other ones. The rose gold finishing brushes seem to be the most popular (the 301 flat contour in particular). The 301 is identical to Illamasqua's Blush Up brush, so didn't really see the point in getting this as I already had one.

I picked up the 100 Arched Powder brush- so soft it feels like a cloud on your face!

202 Angled Liner brush- I have used this for my eyebrows and still prefer my old faithful Illamasqua one which is now discontinued- however this is perfect for liner and the bristles are so densely packed so you can create the perfect flick!

201 Pointed Crease brush- now this is a fabulous brush similar shape to the Zoeva 230, just much rounder and fuller and perfect for blending- pretty much does the job for you.

 Tapered handles for grip and control, with weighed ferrule. 

These are beautifully executed brushes and though they may not be for everyone, for pros these are a must have in your kit. A lot of people have been saying that they are so expensive and they won't be buying them. If you want a fantastic brush, that will last you a long time and you yourself look after them- they'll last you years and I see them as investment. 

Just think of the Boots points you'll get too!!

Congrats to Sam and Nic for another winning formula

A x
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1 comment

  1. Ah, they look gorgeous! I need to get that blending brush!

    Kisses, Kali



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